Sustainable design with emphasis on every detail of a product.

Our distinctive design with attention to detail manifested throughout the entire project.

PROJECT: apartment reconstruction,
Štěpánská, Praha 1
MATERIAL: oak, steel plates
PHOTOS: Boys Play Nice

The pattern of the wood is an important feature of the visual effect of all our products..

PROJECT: furnishing at an apartment,
Nad Závěrkou, Prague 6
DESIGN: DUBA in cooperation with Johan Voverka
MATERIAL: oak, steel, stainless steel, leather
PHOTOS: Boys Play Nice, Viktor Chlad
EXECUTED IN: 2016/2017

We value the history of the craft, and therefore, we treat every technical detail with respect and use it to function. Only then is the detail also an ornament of a product.

PROJECT: reception at Jakub Cigler Architekti studio
DESIGN: DUBA in cooperation with Samuel Cigler
MATERIAL: oak, depth 70 mm
PHOTOS: Boys Play Nice

Each piece of solid wood is carefully selected and processed in order to preserve its natural width and structural pattern.

PROJECT: furnishing at a fruit spirit distillery, Javornice
DESIGN: Duba, ADR - J. Zoubková, A. Lapka
MATERIAL: oak, steel
PHOTOS: Boys Play Nice

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